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AC Repair service in Laredo, TX

Performing the needed repair services to your AC unit as they come about is important to keep your unit running properly. Mueller AC & Heating is a reputable company in the Laredo, TX community. We have been a family-owned business in this town for over 25 years.

Finding the right company when you are in need of repairs can be difficult. Our technicians have good experience and knowledge to help you with repairs to your air conditioning unit, we can provide you with trustworthy service that you can count on.

Is Your A/C Not Cooling Enough Or Not Turning On

Problems with your AC can leave you in a really bad situation. If you live in an area that experiences extreme heat, you can end up very miserable in your home without your AC working. Your AC unit not turning on or cooling your home properly are reasons that you should consult the help of a professional technician.

There are some minor things that you can check to see if it helps your unit. Your air filters are important to change at least every 3 months, even sooner if you own pets. These filters can get clogged and not allow adequate airflow. There is also the chance that your refrigerant levels are low.

AC Repair

AC repairs are vital to a properly running AC unit. If you suspect or know that there is an issue with your unit, you should call a professional as soon as possible. At Mueller AC Repair & Heating Laredo, we can help you with repairs to many different brands of units.

Maintenance services that we offer can help you to catch some minor repairs that need to be done to your unit before they turn into bigger problems. Our technicians are trained and qualified to help you with your unit and will give you the best customer service that we know-how.

AC Replacement

An AC unit will average you about 10-20 years of use before you should need to have a new installation put in. There are also rare occasions where a unit malfunctions and you may need to have this done sooner. One way to avoid having the need for a replacement too soon is to have routine maintenance done to your unit. Some signs your unit needs to be replaced are:

  • Consistently Growing Electric Bills Each Month
  • Over 15 Years Old and Needin More and More Repairs
  • Recurrence of Repairs and Costing More and More Money
  • Low Amount of Air Flow Coming When The Unit Is Running
  • Loud Noises Coming From The Unit
  • Bad Smells Coming From The Unit
  • And Many More…

The team at Mueller AC Repair & Heating Laredo can help you with the times that you do need a replacement. It is stressful enough when you are needing replacements for major appliances in your home, let us help make it an easier situation. We will do our best to give you a prompt and reliable service.

AC Maintenance

Maintenance is probably the most important thing that you have done for your AC unit. It can save you from having major problems occur in your unit that could have been avoided if they were made aware sooner. It is recommended that you have this done to your unit every other year, sooner if you live in an area where your AC works harder throughout the year due to extremely hot weather.

We can send one of our professional, trained, and qualified technicians to come out and perform maintenance to your AC unit. They will follow a detailed checklist and give a thorough inspection of areas such as:

  • The Air Filters/Changing the Air Filters
  • Clean/Inspect Evaporator
  • Inspect and/or Clean Condenser Coils
  • Clean/Drain Line and Pan
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Inspect All The Electrical Wiring
  • Inspect All The Controls
  • Inspect The Thermostat
  • Clean and Check The Air Registers
  • Clean and Check The Duct Work

Signs That You Have A Problem With Your AC

There are some things that you may notice with your AC unit that make you aware that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Maybe, it is just not entering the type of weather that you need to use your AC and something just doesn’t seem right. Don’t let it go and end up in a much worse situation. Some of the signs that you can pay attention to that your unit is not running properly:

  • Funny Noises Coming From The Unit When Running
  • Odd Odors Coming From The Unit When Running
  • Build up of Moisture From The Unit
  • Hot Air Coming From The Vents
  • The Humidity In Your Home Is High
  • The Unit Continually Turn On And Off Frequently

Why You Should Choose Our Services

If you are a long time resident of Laredo or a newcomer, it is with great pleasure that we are able to provide excellent air conditioning services to you. It can be stressful and overwhelming when you are having troubles with your unit, don’t worry about hiring the right company too.

Mueller AC Repair & Heating Laredo is a reputable company in the community for all of your air conditioning needs.

We supply service to a large variety of air conditioning units. Our technicians are all licensed, bonded, and insured. Offering you quality service is our top priority. We also can supply you with other HVAC services as well, such as:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Replacement
  • AC Installation
  • AC Maintenance
  • Heating Repair
  • Heating Replacement
  • Heating Installation
  • Heating Maintenance

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If you are in need of AC repairs, don’t put it off. Contact Mueller AC Repair & Heating Laredo to get your problems resolved. We would be honored to be the company that you choose to rely on for your HVAC unit. Our business is located in Laredo, TX and we love providing the air conditioning repair needs of our community. For more information, contact one of our talented and informative employees to get all of your questions answered. We look forward to hearing from you.

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